Absorbent, breathable, and waterproof fabrics.

Green Manufacturing
Environment Friendly
Fast EU Shipping
4 to 7 days
Affordable Pricing
Buy in BULK & Save
Sustainable Innovation to 
Reduce Waste

Exclusive distributor of AKAS & WAZOODLE
fabrics in Europe

- More than 50.000 meters in Stock for you in EUROPE - 

Our absorbent, waterproof, stay dry products

Blend of natural fibers - no chemicals - for unique results

Our markets

Wide range of possibilities

Health & Personal Care

when absorbency, feel and seal need to be perfect

Baby & Childcare

when safety counts more than anything.

Home market

when every day, every gesture counts for the planet, the right product is essential.

Activewear market

when your clothes need to be designed with breathable and comfortable materials.


when you and your pets need a practical and enjoyable solution every day.

Oil Industry

when you need the right absorbent for spills & leaks problems.

Our partnerships

Our partners are imagining new properties for textiles

Quick delivery all over Europe, reactivity, knowledge of products lines, custom cuts, samples.

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