For Bespoke Manufacturers

We are here to support your project and goals

At Burel Materials, we are committed to providing bespoke services for all our customers. We are able to take care of all their requirements, from sampling to a complete roll of fabric, as well as manufacturing finished products.

Service #1

Customized cuts
Whether you need technical textiles on rolls, specific coupons or samples before launching your projects, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Service #2

Technical analysis
Every industry has specific technical textile requirements. Our team is here to study your needs and advise you on the most suitable materials for your project, taking into account your technical demands and goals.

Service #3

Manufacture of finished products
Would you like to order finished products made from our fabrics? We can do just that, thanks to our manufacturing workshop.

Service #4

Custom design
If you need customized fabrics with specific designs for your products, we can fulfill your requests, depending on the quantities required. We offer this option on request, and the possibilities are endless for customizing your textiles.

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