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Our history

BUREL MATERIALS is the textile department of CBF INTERNATIONAL, a company located in the southwest of France. Founded in 1992, it is nevertheless part of a history spanning almost two centuries, succeeding the cotton weaving and trading company Corneille Bernheim et Fils (CBF) founded in north-eastern France (Mulhouse) in 1836.
Our mission at BUREL MATERIALS is to supply leading-edge technical textiles to manufacturers and industries throughout continental Europe, with a focus on quality, sustainability and innovation. 
In addition to BUREL MATERIALS for textiles, CBF INTERNATIONAL has another department called MILPOINT, which specializes in creative hobbies and haberdashery. MILPOINT distributes BUREL MATERIALS products to independent retailers and online sales sites, in small quantities or pre-cuts.  
This collaboration enables us to cover the whole spectrum of our customers' needs, from manufacturers to independent retailers and haberdashery stores. 

Our Commitment - Durability and Accessibility

At BUREL MATERIALS, we believe that sustainability and ease of access to quality technical textiles are essential. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is deeply rooted in our business. We strive to offer products that meet the highest standards of durability, while delivering exceptional performance. 

What sets BUREL MATERIALS apart is our ability to maintain stock directly in Europe, enabling us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers throughout continental Europe. Thanks to our strategic location, we can efficiently ship our products to your business, guaranteeing fast delivery times and reducing the carbon footprint associated with our shipments. 

Our partnership with AKAS - Wazoodle 

AKAS TEX is a world-renowned manufacturer specializing in absorbent, waterproof, breathable and food-contact technical textiles. Their products are distributed on their B to C website : Wazoodle Fabrics. 

AKAS TEX attaches fundamental importance to the eco-friendly and certified manufacture of each of its products. Their textiles are produced without solvents or harmful chemicals, and certified to comply with all environmental and health quality controls applicable in the USA. Faced with cheaper, lower-quality competition from products made in China or India, AKAS Tex emphasizes the all-American dimension of its manufacturing. 

BUREL MATERIALS and AKAS TEX - Wazoodle are two family-run structures that share a common vision of business development and product enhancement. Their privileged partnership was born in 2020 and has continued to strengthen ever since, in order to make the quality of AKAS TEX textiles accessible to the European public.  

BUREL MATERIALS – CBF INTERNATIONAL is now the exclusive AKAS TEX distributor for the whole of continental Europe. 
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