Zorb® 3D

Incredibly absorbent, triple-layer, reversible
There are 4 different styles Dimples & Diamonds available: Organic Cotton Dimple, Bamboo Dimple & Polyester Dimple :
  • Zorb® 3D Bamboo Dimples: With both faces made from super-soft bamboo- organic cotton blend, this dual-faced, reversible fabric is plush and luxurious, besides being super absorbent.
  • Zorb® 3D Organic Cotton Dimples: Made from 100% organic cotton fibers this thirsty, dual-faced, reversible fabric is extremely quick to absorb & has a superior capacity to hold moisture.
  • Zorb® 3D Stay Dry Dimples: With both faces made of super wicking hydrophobic polyester, this dual-faced, reversible fabric provides a comfortable dry feel on the surface as its 3D Zorb fibers rapidly capture and transfer moisture away from the surface to the absorbent core.
  • Zorb® 3D Diamonds: The unique dual-layer fabric has one side made of absorbent bamboo cotton while the other is stay dry polyester and 3D Zorb fibers that help rapidly absorb.

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